life is local.  so are we.

Local Clinic.

Local Impact.

life is local.  so are we.

life is local.

so are we.

Local Clinic.

Local Impact.

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In this issue:

  • Why a Medical Clinic?
  • We Need Your Support
  • God Saved the Baby

BLESSED is the one
who considers the
in the day of trouble,
THE LORD delivers HIM.

̶   Psalm 41:1 ESV

empowering OUR COMMUNITY to make life-affirming decisions

The support of a national brand with the connection of a local clinic.

Whole care for the whole you—physical, emotional and spiritual.

A transformed view of life, healthcare, and outreach to the abortion-determined.

our mission

is to provide reproductive healthcare in a way which empowers our community to make informed, life­-affirming decisions.

Life is local. So are we.

Local Clinic.
Local Impact.

our vision

we desire to develop a community where clients, staff, volunteers, and donors feel a sense of belonging which comes from the hope we have in Christ.

“I had an abortion scheduled…”

"...But I missed my appointment. I'm thinking maybe adoption." Three months earlier, Marie left Obria with abortion on her mind. Homelessness, poverty, drugs... "My life is too unstable to bring a child into. I need an abortion." Although Marie saw the miracle of life...